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Current Media Meta

Sometimes I wonder about things…

I wonder about the current media meta. When the society we live in is portrayed primarily as being in constant turmoil, or under threat or just in a state of hesitency or fear. There never seems to be a break from this constant bombardment of negative hopelessness or unattainable solutions that are created by elite individuals that the common, average person has no hope of ever solving or at this point bringing coherently to the attention that it (whatever the issue may be) most certainly deserves.

I understand that voices are heard, attempts are made, but all in all when you take a step back and look at it, at the rate information and news are disseminated into culture, it is not what it used to be, it’s function as news is lost, important issues are now a talking point for the moment, most times when it benefits someone financially. The job of the media seems now completely skewed and biased by sponsors or hand picked pundits who are put onto the airwaves to support and qualify a certain view. The function has been lost.

News in it’s purest (or nearest measure) form should be unbiased information, it should not be opinionated, it should not be sponsored or politically empowered to spin or coerce the viewing masses into single thought bias. It’s all boils down to the bottom line, the money.

Sure companies need to make money, they need to pay the employees and pay for airtime and whatever other expenses may arise, but it should not run or decide content complimentary to, or maybe more importantly, exponentially beneficial to one faction in order to qwell another. To many times I feel what the major monopoly media companies try to push is useless information in order to dictate a current (or more egregious thought) future cultural meta. They seem to have the ability to form public opinion, before events of any factual, provable nature arise.

I see Western populations with homeless, starving, unemployed, addicted broken people…but it seems this is not news worthy, not in the larger spectrum, not in the big picture. I don’t see constant coverage for days (and in some cases weeks) of the families inside the North American continent starving or homeless, I don’t see constant coverage day after day, hour after hour of important personal issues being fed into our lives that need attention in sometimes dire circumstances. What gets the top story is how some girl murders her boyfriend or how some movie star gets an operation. It’s all fluff, nothing with substance, things don’t get covered properly.

You tell me that Angelina Jolies’ aunt dies, how does this impact my life?…You tell me Jodi Arias might get life or death?…why do I care, how is this a functional part of the social structure at this point in human history. The organisations that broadcast this constant mindless, useless information (on par with ignorant talkshows and you know what I’m talking about) need to re-evaluate their priorities and focus on unbiased existing issues that currently plague us as a species.

I have so many sporatic, incoherent thoughts that arise, that I can’t voice them properly, but I hope this may give at least one person some cause to re-think what they see and how they digest it.

KP (Canadian Space Coyote)

May 27 / 2013