About The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door blog is designed primarily to be a deposit of thoughts and observances on my part. Nothing is party or corporately biased, I don’t speak for anyone or anything and hold no particular sway towards anything mentioned here.

The goal is to maybe provide a topic of interest for some people, some topics may be important and others down the road may be frivolous and fun, who knows where The Cellar Door will lead. I encourage anyone who has an opinion or comments to please go ahead and voice it, I am not here to condemn or dissuade anyone’s opinion, as I’m sure I will not have all the facts or information available.

The main goal is current information, what’s going on in the week that may peak my interest or concern me in some fashion.

As my username suggests, I am Canadian but have a keen interest in political. economic and world affairs. You will most likely see a lot of my writings containing American and world topics, just because it seems the really juicy stuff seems to arise from these critical points because they are the hub of news and information. If at any time it seems I’m slamming America, I will state clearly I am not. I think America was and could be the dominant and guiding light in Democracy and freedom as their history clearly shows it was/is.


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