Alabaster Walls Surround Me


The current surveillance state in the world is spinning out of control. Never have we seen such monitoring and watching of the Public. Agencies, Corporations, and everything in between watching and recording what you do, when and how you do it. The scope of surveillance is large and ever growing. From the obvious to absolute obscure.

The surveillance industry boasts a massive 5 billion dollar a year industry, and growing. The call for more cameras and equipment is exponentially expanding and week after week and month after month it seems to be higher in demand with often nefarious purposes, although there are completely legitimate uses and forms of surveillance. There is no shortage of misuses and abuses abound and we will focus on this aspect directly. I will not attempt to offer answers to the reasoning behind al of this, only a topic of interest. I know I won’t cover everything I want to here, or even scratch the surface, world governments I won’t even get into. The topic is so huge and broad.

From cameras to wiretapping, mouse clicks to RFID and retinal scanners, GPS and credit cards, the vast array of topics is hard to gather into one coherent argument. So I will begin with some obvious points.

I think at this point we have all seen the admitted abuses of the IRS email surveillance, whereas the IRS taken it upon itself to warrantless breaches into your email or other electronic forms of communications, and also the NSA have admitted they have warrantless wiretaps of the media and social circles. People need to ask the question why the actions were discussed inside these agencies and what purposes they serve.

We also see heavy reliance on Biometrics, now Biometric Authentication mainly revolves around fingerprint scanning. It’s generally used in the workplace as a form of managing employees when in fact by it’s very definition is a form of surveillance. It’s a way of monitoring a group of people to see their trends or habits. Biometrics is also on par with Retinal scanning, which is another form of high tech surveillance emerging quickly.


As one prime example of Retinal Scanning Surveillance , Xbox Kinect has now developed a plan for Microsoft to monitor through eye movements, what you look at, click on, and offer incentives for those who participate. This is a form of control, this allows a monopoly such as Microsoft to zero in on specific customers or large groups of customers to selectively gear advertisements or possibly information from the source. It will track everything you watch on tv.

There are so many forms and ways to watch and surveil the public from Britain’s insane amount of cameras on the streets to tracking through Global Positioning on your cel phone , to Smart Meters on the side of your house. But the ne form that is emerging that has me concerned as to it’s infantile direction and uses is RFID.


This is a form of surveillance used currently in cattle and livestock as well as pets for location purposes. With simple modifications this chip can also contain a whole host of information including and not limited to your medical information, banking and personal information, not forgetting logistical data. As a form of information gathering, data mining and human surveillance this technology must have governments and corporations (which tend to go hand in hand these days) salivating. Easily and discretely administered, this chip could be initially requested for a host of purposes, but more nefariously could be administered through inoculations without anyone consenting…which when watching the current state of deceit in todays political, corporate and media driven society, isn’t much of a stretch.

So I sit and wait, with alabaster walls surrounding me, making a fort out of couch cushions, waiting for the hammer to drop.


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