Complicated Measures Abroad

There seems to be rising concerns about what is happening primarily in Syria, Russia, China / N.Korea and now more importantly Iran. It would seem that many threats and acts of provocation are taking place, not only by the aforementioned, but by Israel and the US.

Looking from the outside in, and trying to determine who is doing what, and more importantly why…it seems that many factions have clear and concise messages they are sending forth. There is no denying certain facts, things happen, and have happened that cannot be ignored but even saying that, I think even a semi logical or rational view needs to take place. Am I the one to present this view, unequivocally no. That being said, I have no agenda, I do not support or endorse any particular faction, and nor do I want to. I do however watch these things and events (seen and unseen, with, yes granted supposition and heresay at times) unfold and intertwine in a connect the dots sort of fashion.

So what is the point right? Well we see some disturbing things happening, Iran is now deploying a massive advanced missile defense perimeter, spread out widely across their borders, in anticipation of what? What nation arbitrarily does this. There must be a motivation behind such a decision. This is not some rinky dink action easily thrown together, there are some major deployment, personale, logistic and economic factors to seriously consider before an undertaking like this.


We also see Russia pumping arms into Syria to back Assad, they (Russia) have now warned Israel and the US to stop attacking Syria, and definitely, definitely, do not invade or they will continually supply weapons and support. This also rides the coat tails of China who has also warned no more attacks on Syria or things will get ugly..and stay away from Iran.

So taking these extreme recent postures by these nations, we should look at the reasoning behind these defensive actions. Why would nations stand up and deny aggression into Syria or Iran in such a clear manner? Reported months ago by Western Media outlets, Assad had used chemical weapons. Strangely after that rhetoric didn’t stick with people and nothing was proven conclusively, it has now dropped out of the media spotlight, where it was previously pedal to the metal pumped into the Western psyche, this I believe was intended to be the catalyst or springboard or more to the point, the excuse. Now rockets get launched from Syria into Israel and other numerous close regions.

Why are the US and Israel wanting this war in Syria or Iran so badly? I would love to hear comments on this particular issue and especially things I have neglected to say coherently. I have my own theory on this (well mabe two theories) but I’ll lay out very briefly why I think this is going on. Is what we see in the media soley geared towards garnering support for another invasion or are they reporting truth? With the recent admissions of the wire tapping of various media outlets, credibility has to be given to the western media now with a grain of salt.

I have a distinct feeling, and I’ll describe this as a feeling, but I have watched and educated myself on this particular subject a little in recent years. I think the American economy is going to collapse. I think this is all about money and how to prop up, private central banks and a future global economy.



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